About Us

Pure Country C106.1 is a family owned corporation that consists of KWKZ Radio. KWKZ is licensed in the city of Charleston, Missouri with a 50,000 watt capacity which covers the Bootheel of Missouri, Northeast Arkansas, West Tennessee, West Kentucky, and Southwestern Illinois. KWKZ was granted a new frequency and license and went on the air in the spring of 1993. The first stuidio was located on Broadway in Cape Girardeau in the First National Bank building.

In 1997, KWKZ bought the current location at 753 Enterprise Drive in Cape Girardeau. The studios were built at the location by Palmer Johnson, the KWKZ engineer, with the goal on having the best, highest quality of sound in the radio market. KWKZ was one of the first stations in the market to go digital. The KWKZ transmitter is located in Benton, Missouri on the highest geographical point in the Bootheel of Missouri. The wattage of the transmitter combined with the height of the tower ensures a stronger signal than most stations.