Hurricane Audra

Named by an uncle, and living up to the expectations of the name, Audra has taken Cape by storm! She has worked for a variety of radio outlets playing country, pop, oldies and rock, but has returned to her Texas country roots at Pure Country C106.1 as the newest member of the crew.
Born and raised in Texas, Hurricane has a musical family and a strong background in the country music genre.
You may find her hanging out in downtown Cape Girardeau for First Friday, running in the park with the family dog, or just watching some NASCAR, but guaranteed, there will be some country music close by. Those Texas roots run deep, and she will continue to support not only the artists that you know, but the artists that you don’t…yet!
Expect the unexpected, and hold on to your hat!  Y’all are in for a ride!
Hurricane Audra takes control each weekday morning from 5:00 until 10:00 A.M.