"Your Bud", Doug Owens

With the help and advice of my best friend and fellow broadcaster, "Your Bud", Doug Owens began his radio career during his junior year in high school in 1982. He started in his East-Central Missouri hometown radio station in Montgomery City, known then as KVCM. From there, Doug's career has taken him to radio markets in Columbia, Lebanon, Moberly, The Lake of the Ozarks and Kansas City before landing at C106.

Doug's love for music in general provides the fuel for his love of radio and the communities involved. He likes to take every opportunity he has to be with my family and friends.

Since childhood, not to mention living in Kansas City for 18 years, his favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs.....GO CHIEFS! (Rams fans, pleast don't hold that against him....HA!)

"Your Bud", Doug invites you to join him every weekday morning from 5:00 until 10:00 on Pure Country C106.1